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Looking for an effective weight loss solution? Tizepatide might be the perfect option for you! Take control of your weight today!

Proven Medication


Custom Formulation

Tirzepatide is the active ingredient in Mounjaro® and Zepbound® It is a reliable treatment option for those looking for a boost to their weight loss efforts. Our compounded injectable tirzepatide is the highest quality and comes at the best price.

Consult with a physician now or speak with your doctor about tizepatide and how it can help you on your weight loss journey! Obtaining this effective medication has never been easier.

*Photos of models, not actual patients

*Tirzepatide is a compounded product and has not been approved by the FDA

How to get started

Select the compounded medication that treats your ailment.


Consult with a licensed physician via XpediCare ($39) now or talk to your doctor



We will prepare your medication specifically for you


You'll be notified that your treatment is ready or we can ship to your door!








For Your Doctor

 10mg/ml Tirzepatide injection #2ml

Inject subcutaneously as directed once weekly

How to Administer

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